Purpose of Zoning Ordinance for Your Property

A major use of zoning laws is to preserve the character of your neighborhood. Regulations are enacted to protect your particular locality and maintain the value of your property. As a result, changes are either not permitted or allowed only with significant restrictions.

Intention of Zoning Laws

In the interest of protecting the general welfare of your community, the zoning ordinance furthers the public good through regulations, assuring residents of the stability of the area. Zoning applicants are therefore required to demonstrate their proposed future location will not be incompatible with the best use of the locale and have a detrimental affect on the public welfare.

Protection of Your Property

Your community may want to build a prison, your neighbor may want a car repair shop in his garage, and a company may want to convert the gas station to a McDonald's in your quiet neighborhood. But be assured, before enacting a zoning ordinance, weight is given to the needs of the area along with the required promotion of the public health and safety of the community, and best use of the land. Knowing that the zoning is tailored to the community's needs and vision should give you, as the existing property owner, peace of mind.