Major Types of Zoning Classifications

Generally the local governmental agency exercises control over the way property owners use their land through zoning. Areas are usually divided into zones classified by types of land usage. Though classifications are not the same in every locality, usually jurisdictions are divided into the following zones:

(1) commercial,

(2) industrial,

(3) residential, and

(4) agricultural. 

Hybrid Zoning

Each of these general categories may be more narrowly defined. For example, a residential zone might be segregated into separate zones for single-family homes on one-acre, single family homes on a half-acre, hotels, boarding houses, mobile homes, low-rise apartment complexes, high-rise apartment complexes, and institutional housing. An industrial zone may be zoned "heavy", "light", and "research". A commercial zone can be divided into small stores, shopping centers, gas stations, restaurants, drive-in facilities, adult-entertainment districts, and warehouses.

Through zoning, property values are protected and the community is designed in a functional and orderly way.