Protecting Yourself Before Buying That House

As a new home buyer, prepare yourself to make one of the most important decisions over the course of your life. For many people, this is their single biggest purchase and a major investment in their future. However, though buying a house can be a great way to build wealth and create a home for yourself and your family, there are serious risks in making such an important purchase. As such, some key items should be considered in the process of new home buying.

Getting a Home Inspection

The first and most important thing a potential buyer can do is find a certified home inspector. The inspector knows the ins and outs of what makes a home structurally sound, as well as the relevant building codes, and can observe what you never would have noticed. It is well worth the investment to hire a home inspector before you consider finalizing your offer. In fact, any offer that you put in to buy a house should have a clause specifying that the home purchase is contingent on the house passing inspection. 

Details of Your Home Purchase Contract

Aside from making sure your offer spells out the right to have the house inspected, you will want to make certain that the contract for sale is very clear on what you are getting. Will the homeowners be leaving the appliances? What about wall-mounted flat screen TVs, light fixtures, frames, etc.? You need to know exactly what you are getting in the purchase of the home, because even if it passes inspection, you may not be too happy if you move in and find the stove has been ripped from the wall, and you have nothing but a gaping hole. 

Getting Help Buying a New Home

These are just a few examples of what buyers need to look out for when dealing with a home purchase. You will need to be sure your rights are protected in every aspect of the transaction, from getting a mortgage, making an offer, to getting clean title to your home.