I'm a Tennessee tenant and I don't want to move out of my home. How can I avoid eviction? What are my Tennessee tenant eviction rights?

If you are a Tennessee tenant and you have been given notice that your landlord wants to evict you, you have a few options. One is to contact the landlord and try to negotiate a compromise so neither of you have to go through the court process. Another option is to fix whatever the issue with the landlord is (e.g. pay the rent). In the alternative, if you think the landlord is wrong and that he or she has no reason to evict you, you can challenge the eviction suit in court.

At this point, you may wish to seek the advice of an experienced Tennessee evictions lawyer for sound legal advice going into court, or to help you defend against the eviction and advise you as to any rights you may have with respect to the circumstances surrounding the notice given and the unlawful detainer action.