I'm a Tennessee landlord with a difficult tenant. I've given the tenant the proper Tennessee termination notice, but he still won't leave. What next? What is the Tennessee eviction process?

If you are a Tennessee landlord who has given your tenant notice but the tenant won't leave, you will have to file for eviction in Tennessee General Sessions court. Refer to Getting Help in our Tennessee Evictions article. Once you file, a detainer warrant will be issued to your tenant. The warrant will state a hearing date and you and your tenant will go before the judge on that day to argue your cases. If the judge finds that the tenant has breached the lease and should be evicted, the tenant will have ten days to appeal the decision. Once the ten days are up, the sheriff will be able to physically remove the tenant from your property. Remember, at no time can youphysically remove the tenant. It is up to the court to order the sheriff to do it.

Remember that at any point along the way, you can always seek the services of an experienced Tennessee evictions attorney.