Sample Letter to Landlord: Demand for Repair and Notice of Deducting Cost of Repair from Rent

[Month XX, 20XX]

[Landlord's Name]
[Landlord's Address]
[City, State ZIP]

Re: Window Repair in [Rental Property Address]

Dear [Landlord]:

On [Month XX, 20XX] the child living in [Child’s Address or Unit Number] threw a baseball through my kitchen window, breaking it. I first notified you of the damage on the evening of [Month XX].

At that time, you indicated that the child’s parents were responsible for the repair costs, not you, and you suggested that I attempt to recoup the cost of repair from the child’s parents.  Please recall that I disagreed with your assessment of liability.

At your insistence, I asked the child’s parents to pay for the repair of the window. My request was denied.  At this point, I would request that you repair the window—at your own cost—by [Month XX, 20XX].  Heat is escaping through the broken window, and the humidity level in the unit is becoming a problem.

If you don’t repair the window within the time requested, I will be forced to pay to have the window repaired and will deduct the cost of materials and labor from next month’s rent.

Very Truly Yours,
[Your Name]