I'm an Ohio landlord with a difficult tenant. I've given the tenant the proper Ohio termination notice, but he still won't leave. What next? What is the Ohio eviction process?

If you have already properly served the tenant with one of the above notices and the tenant still will not leave, you may file a complaint for eviction (fees may apply) with the county court where the property is located. At court, either party may request a trial by jury (a fee may apply). After considering all evidence and counterclaims, the court will ultimately decide whether or not the landlord should be granted possession, costs, and past due rent. If judgment is entered in the landlord's favor, the court will issue a writ of execution commanding the Sheriff (fees may apply) to put the landlord in possession within 10 days. If at any time you think you are in over your head, you can always seek the advice and counsel of an Ohio evictions attorney.