I'm a Nevada landlord with a difficult tenant. I've given the tenant the proper Nevada termination notice, but he still won't leave. What next? What is the Nevada eviction process?

If you are a Nevada landlord and you have given your tenant notice that you are terminating the lease but the tenant still has not vacated, your next step is to file for eviction. To file, go to your local Justice Court and ask for the necessary paperwork. For more information, see the "Getting Help" section in our Nevada Evictions article. A small filing fee is likely. Your tenant will then be served with a summons and you will both receive a court date. On the court date you must go and argue your case or your suit will be dismissed. In court that day, the Justice Court judge will hand down a ruling. If the judge rules for you at the proceeding and orders eviction, you should go immediately to the Constable's office and pay the lock-out fee. The Constable will post notice of lock-out and the next day you can lock the tenant out of the property. You must store the tenant's property for 30 days and, at most, charge a reasonable storage fee. You should notify the tenant by certified mail that if the tenant does not come get his or her property, you will dispose of it.

As a landlord, winning an eviction action against a problematic tenant is essential. If you aren't comfortable handling such an action alone, contact an experienced Nevada evictions attorney for specialized legal advice.