I'm a Missouri landlord with a difficult tenant. I've given the tenant the proper Missouri termination notice, but he still won't leave. What next? What is the Missouri eviction process?

If you have given your tenant the proper notice or demand, your next step is to file suit with your local Circuit Court. The procedure for both unlawful detainer actions and rent and possession actions is largely the same, but you will probably have to fill out different forms, depending on which you are bringing. Once you file a complaint (in the case of an unlawful detainer) or statement (in the case of a suit for rent and possession), the Court will issue a summons to your tenant which will include a hearing date. On that day, you and your tenant will both present your arguments and any evidence supporting your side. The judge will likely decide for one of you that day. If the judge finds for you, you will have to wait 10 days (the time in which the tenant can appeal the ruling), and then you will get a court order to remove the tenant from the premises. Do not remove the tenant yourself, the sheriff will do it. Remember that if at any time you think the eviction proceedings are more than you can handle on your own, you can always find a Missouri evictions attorney.