I'm a Michigan tenant and I don't want to move out of my home. How can I avoid eviction? What are my Michigan tenant eviction rights?

If you are a Michigan tenant who has received notice of eviction, you can, in some cases, comply with the requirements of the notice to avoid eviction. Or, you may try to negotiate with your landlord to come to an agreement about the dispute. Last, you can do nothing, and wait for the landlord to file suit, which is called a summary proceedings action. You will be served with a summons, and you will have to appear and answer the summons (either in person, by phone, or by filing a written response). Do not forget to answer, because if you do not, a default judgment will be entered for your landlord and he or she will be given the power to physically evict you 10 days later.

At this point, you may wish to seek the advice of an experienced Michigan evictions lawyer, either to give you sound advice, help you defend against the eviction, or to advise you as to any rights you may have with respect to the circumstances surrounding the notice and the summary proceedings eviction action.