I'm a Maryland landlord with a difficult tenant. I've given the tenant the proper Maryland termination notice, but he still won't leave. What next? What is the Maryland eviction process

If you gave your tenant notice that you were terminating the lease and the tenant refuses to leave, your next step is to file for eviction. In Maryland, evictions are handled by the District Courts, so you'll want to find your local District Court and file your claim. You will file a claim stating the reason for the eviction and how much rent or damages you are owed, if any. The court will then set a date for the hearing (usually 5 days later) and you and your tenant will both come to court to argue your sides. If you win, the court will order the tenant to leave the premises within 4 days. The tenant (or you, if you lose) has only 4 days to appeal the judgment. If the tenant does not appeal and still does not leave within 4 days, you can file for a "warrant of restitution" (again, at your court), which will compel the sheriff to come and physically remove the tenant. Remember, at no time should you turn off the utilities or lock the tenant out. The warrant of restitution allowing the sheriff to remove the tenant is the only way to get the tenant out.

Of course, if you are feeling daunted by the termination and eviction process, consulting an experienced Maryland evictions attorney may be a good idea in order to protect your rights.