A Landlord's Responsibility for Maintaining Rental Property

Landlords have the responsibility to maintain residential rental property and repair any defects or problems. Under most state law, there is an implied warranty of habitability; that is, a landlord not only must deliver residential rental property to the tenant in a habitable condition, but s/he remains responsible for maintaining the property in a habitable condition during the term of the lease.

"Habitability" is typically defined in local housing codes. It is usually defined as the minimum standard for decent, safe, sanitary housing suitable for residential purposes.

Most communities have local housing codes. The codes are local ordinances or laws that require owners of real property, including landlords, to maintain the property and make any necessary repairs. These codes typically require that any residential rental property offered by a landlord must meet the minimum standards established in the code. The landlord's responsibility is not only to deliver the rental property to the tenant in compliance with the housing codes but also to maintain compliance with the housing codes throughout the term that the tenant has use and possession of the rental property.

If you have a complaint, you can notify the landlord and the appropriate housing authority; however, do not threaten to notify the housing authority and not do it in order to get some landlord concession as this could be a form of "extortion".