I'm a Kansas tenant and I don't want to move out of my home. How can I avoid eviction? What are my Kansas tenant eviction rights?

If you are a Kansas tenant who has been given notice of termination but do not want to leave, you have a few options. You should first try to fix the breach that is causing the termination. This means paying your rent if it is due, or getting rid of the pet you have in breach of the lease, or whatever the problem may be. If you do not think you have done anything wrong, you should sit tight and wait for the landlord to file suit. You will receive a summons and a court date. You should follow the instructions on the summons. Depending on your district, you may be required to answer the suit before your court date. On the date specified, you must go argue your side in front of a judge. If you win, you can stay in the apartment. If you lose, however, your landlord will probably have you physically removed quite quickly.

If you are a Kansas tenant facing an eviction action, seeking the advice of an experienced Kansas evictions lawyer might be a sound idea. An experienced Kansas attorney will help you defend against the eviction and advise you as to any rights you may have regarding the notice you received and the details of the eviction action filed by the landlord.