The signout sheet given to me by the manager of our apartments following a walkthrough indicated everything was fine except for dusty blinds. The landlord, however, now wants to charge for dusty blinds and pet odor. There was no mention in the walkthrough or on the signout sheet of foul pet odors. Can they do this?

The landlord is not limited to what they notice during the walk through. Some defects can't be seen without a thorough inspection. Pet odor may not be noticeable when the windows are open, but show up when they're closed and the air conditioning unit on. However, landlord has to send your refund/statement of deductions within a specified period of time of your move-out or the landlord can't retain any of the deposit. Each state has different set of rules as to the time period the landlord can hold the deposit and the procedure for inspection, return of the deposit, etc.