I'm an Arkansas landlord with a difficult tenant. I've given the tenant the proper Arkansas termination notice, but he still won't leave. What next? What is the Arkansas eviction process?

If you are an Arkansas landlord who has notified your tenant that the lease is terminating but the tenant still will not leave, your next step is to file for eviction. This is accomplished by going to your local District Court and following the court clerk's instructions. The court will have a summons served on your tenant. The tenant will have 5 days to file a written answer to your suit. If the tenant does not, you will get an order for immediate possession.

If your tenant files a written answer, a hearing date will be set and you and your tenant will go argue your sides in front of a judge. If you win, the court will issue a writ of possession within 3 days, and the sheriff will give the tenant 24 hours to get off your property. If the tenant does not move, the sheriff will physically remove the tenant and the tenant's belongings from the property.

Remember, as a landlord it is illegal for you to physically remove the tenant yourself. For personalized legal help, contact an experienced Arkansas evictions attorney.