I'm an Alabama tenant and I don't want to move out of my home. How can I avoid eviction? What are my Alabama tenant eviction rights?

If you are an Alabama tenant and you have been notified that your landlord is terminating your lease, you should try to remedy whatever the reason is for the termination. If you haven't paid your rent, pay it. If you broke the lease by getting a pet, get rid of it. If you fix the problem, the landlord cannot evict you. Beyond this, you can try to negotiate with your landlord, who may be willing to compromise to avoid filing the eviction suit. If you do not think you have done anything wrong or if you cannot fix the problem, you should answer the complaint. If the landlord only wants possession of the property, you have 7 days to answer. If the landlord wants money (as in back rent), you have 14 days. Be sure to answer the complaint, or default judgment will be entered against you!

At this point, you may wish to seek the advice of an experienced Alabama evictions lawyer to help you defend against the eviction or to advise you as to any rights you may have with respect to the circumstances surrounding the notice you received and the subsequent eviction action.