A Lawyer's Role in a Real Estate Transaction

A lawyer can assist you through the complexities of your commercial real estate transaction. Because the law assumes the parties in commercial real estate matters are more informed and better able to negotiate the terms of their own agreements, you have fewer protections. An attorney can help you with your commercial real estate transaction, which is usually more difficult to understand than a residential matter. Having a lawyer on your side to help untangle the specifics of the contract and ensure everything is understood is essential. Whether you're purchasing a piece of commercial real estate or selling one, a real estate or contract lawyer can assist you in drafting a sales contract that is acceptable and covers all of your rights. Your lawyer can also help to ensure that the provisions included in the contract are legally valid and that the contract will be fully enforceable if problems do arise. He will be able to review the title transfer so no surprises will come back to bite you later, either legally or financially.

The complexities of commercial real estate law are such that it's very easy to get confused and caught up in an improper or even illegal contract, and the cost of hiring a lawyer is well worth the insurance and peace of mind of knowing the transaction was done correctly.