Protect Yourself Before Signing the Home Purchase Agreement

Homeowners can protect themselves from many of the risks associated with home ownership by purchasing insurance. The two most common forms of insurance for real property include liability insurance and title insurance.

Be Prepared Before Signing the Purchase Agreement

Ask questions before signing your homeowner's contract. For example:

(1) Are there any potential defects in the chain of title? Resolve these issues before you take title, interest, or possession. 

(2) Are there any zoning violations on the property which need to be corrected?

(3) Are there any environmental hazards which may be present? Someone in the distant past may have dumped environmental hazards on the property so an environmental assessment should be considered.

(4) Are there any restrictions or covenants in the purchase contract which would be hard to meet?

(5) Can you pay the mortgage on time?

(6) Are there any apparent conditions on the property which could potentially harm someone who happens to come on the property?