What are some things a seller should look out for when dealing with the sale of a house?

The seller should consider the following:

(1) Whether or not to use a broker, and if so, the broker's commission.

(2) What things (fixtures, equipment, built in furniture and the like) will be included in the sale?

(3) Is there anything that I should do in advance to "dress up" the property, from needed repairs to a new coat of paint?

(4) What is the asking price of the house?

(5) What price are you willing to accept?

(6) Are there any defects that you must by law disclose to the buyer?

(7) Do you have any debts or liens that may affect the sale of your home?

It is MOST IMPORTANT to have full and open disclosure of all physical aspects of the property and clear terms of sale in the purcahse agreement.