What if there are problems found with the house after the closing?

This really depends upon the type of problem you find. If you find that the seller has walked off with some fixtures, which should have been included with the house, you might be able to sue to get them back, but this is a problem that might be better found in a walk through inspection just before the closing. Any major problem that the seller should have disclosed before the sale would probably justify a lawsuit, while a problem like termites, which should have been discovered in inspection, will likely leave you no recourse but to solve it yourself. A problem such as noisy neighbors is your problem; it is best to spend time in the neighborhood before making an offer or signing the contract. Don't wait until the closing to see if there will be a problem. In this regard, it is important to review the seller's "Disclosure Statements" carefully. If the property is being sold "as-is", the buyer should pay for its own inspection to uncover any problems readily apparent.